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Brazilian, originally founded in São Paulo, Mister Açaí has its own factory and strict quality criteria. There are more than 20 years of know-how in the segment, accumulating experiences that allowed us to develop standardized products in color, flavor, acidity and high concentration of antioxidants, guaranteeing a final product of excellence.


 In full expansion, in 2012, Mister Açaí went straight to the source, opening a new factory in the state of Pará, the main and most important region that produces quality açaí in the world. Currently, the state of Pará accounts for more than 90% of the fruit production in the country.


The açaí fruit is harvested by extractivism, directly from nature in the Amazon Forest environment, and ensures the subsistence condition of the populations, especially the riverside, located on the banks of the estuaries of the great Amazonian rivers.

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In all lines, Mister Açaí products are produced with high quality ingredients, guaranteeing flavor and texture.


Living well is living with balance and Açaí is able to bring many benefits to the body:

  • Rich in antioxidants, strengthens the immune system

  • Proteins needed for muscle strengthening

  • Carbs that provide extra energy for your workout or routine

  • Fibers that help the digestive system performance



Açaí is considered an extremely sustainable product because it is possible to use almost everything, from the root to the fruit peel. Everything is used: trunk, bunches, coaratá (which covers the bunches), high part of the stem, straw and stone.


The surrounding biodiversity can help by protecting plants from the sun, erosion on riverbanks and the proliferation of weeds and pests. Therefore, açaí trees should be planted in a way that generates the least possible impact.


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